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Swanlaab Newsletter: November

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We invite you to the Xmas Startup Meetup in Barcelona and Madrid!


Swanlaab has some invitates for the new edition of the Xmas Startup Meetup next December 13. Contact us if you want more information:

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7 early-stage recruiting mistakes I’ll never make again

In the early days of your startup, no decision will be more critical than your initial hires. I’m talking about your first engineers, product managers, salespeople, designers, etc..... Read more📷

Do you lose sales opportunities because of sales execution or product insufficiency?

You have a good pipeline of prospective customers. You pitch them but things aren’t working out. You can see it in your low close rates. They are below 15-20% conversion from sales accepted lead to closed customer....Read more

Sell a solution not a product

I just finished reading Strategies That Win Sales by Mark Marone & Seleste Lunsford. It’s worth a deeper read, and below are some of our favorite excerpts. 1-Support depends on complexity. 2-Make sure the sales team has a travel budget. 3-Channel sales requiring giving up brand control. 4-Channel sales aren’t a free lunch ... Read more

You can’t rely on inbound leads only

If you sell software for a living, odds are you sell business-to-business software (also referred to as enterprise software). It’s a viciously competitive industry because there are billions of dollars you can rake in per year selling your SaaS (Software as a Service)... Read more📷The innovation supply chain: How ideas traverse continents and transform economiesSuch is the nature of the world’s biggest ideas — concepts that arise in one corner of the world provide the scaffolding for future advancements. Read more



The red flags and magic numbers that investors look for in your startup’s metrics!

Growing startups and evaluating startups share common skills. Earlier this year, I joined Andreessen Horowitz as a General Partner... Read more

Valuation Lessons from 100 Seed Rounds

Entrepreneur First had its 10th European demo day last month, welcoming in another 24 deep tech companies... Read moreSaaS margins are terribleWe hear too often about how “SaaS has great margins,” but that’s just not true. The margins in SaaS are terrible as the data below show. ... Read more📷

Unicorns aren’t special anymore

When Aileen Lee, the former Kleiner Perkins partner and founder of the seed-stage venture capital firm Cowboy Ventures, coined the term “unicorn” in 2013 on this very site, there were just 39 companies that had earned the title. Read more


📷Open Banking: an evolution to re-evolutionBill Gates once said, “Banking is necessary, banks are not”. That pithy quote is again topical... Read moreThe voice apps report

The voice app ecosystem is booming. The problems with discoverability, monetization, and retention, and easy methods to resolve them... Read more

📷AI matched, outperformed radiologists in screening X-rays for certain diseasesIn a matter of seconds, a new algorithm read chest X-rays for 14 pathologies, performing as well as radiologists in most cases, a Stanford-led study says.... Read moreHow IBM, Google And Amazon Innovate Differently

Recent studyestimates that 50% of the current S&P 500 will be replaced over the next ten years. Success is supposed to breed success, but it often breeds failure.
Read more


📷3 biggest failures in tech startups

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt listed the '3 big failures' he sees in tech startups today... Read more

What great listeners actually do

Entrepreneur First had its 10th European demo day last month, welcoming in another 24 deep tech companies... Read more📷Why innovation isn't dead in Silicon Valley, according to this tech expert

For years now, Silicon Valley has been searching in frustration for the next big breakthrough.
Innovative businesses that launched a decade ago, such as Uber and Airbnb  Read more